Strategic Media Buying For Law Firms


Today’s Legal Marketing Environment is more competitive than ever.

Legal Pro Media has been planning and placing media buys for law firms for over 30 years. We produce custom TV commercials for Law firms select the most cost efficient and effective programming on your local Broadcast stations. The legal advertising landscape is competitive and price matters.  Our Media buyers have years of experience placing cost efficient strategic media buying plans for law firms. We relentlessly negotiate on your behalf guaranteeing you’ll get the absolute lowest rates in the best TV shows.  When you combine our award winning TV Commercials that are custom produced for your firm and market with our cost efficient media plans, the results are More Quality Cases. No two markets are alike; something that works very well in Detroit may not work as well in Salt Lake City. It’s impossible to create an effective and efficient media campaign without first doing a full market evaluation and that’s exactly what we do.

  • Perform a full qualitative market evaluation of the DMA (Designated Market Area)
  • Review full competitive spending reports on your competition. ( How much they’re spending on TV and Which Stations)
  • Determine spending levels based on SQUAD and Nielsen Data.
  • Complete campaign management.


Legal Advertising is Changing! Are You?

Legal advertising, especially personal injury advertising has changed. What worked 25 years ago just doesn’t work in today’s competitive environment. Legal Pro Media understands lawyer advertising and realize the importance of eliminating waste and utilizing every Penney of your valuable advertising dollars.  If you’re unhappy with your current advertising agency or just overwhelmed trying to take care of your advertising yourself, give us a call.

Learn how Legal Pro Media can maximize the results of your media buy

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