Pay Per Call TV Leads

No Setup Fee Or Long-Term Contract.  Custom Call Tracking Dashboard  and Custom TV Commercials Included  

Pay Per Call TV Leads For Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Personal Injury Leads Are Delivered Exclusively From Your Local Broadcast TV Stations.

We Get Accident Victims Seeking A Lawyer To Call Your Office.

You Only Pay For The Legal Calls You Receive.

Getting New Clients Doesn’t Get Any Easier!  


No Commitment – No Obligation

If you’ve ever advertised on Local TV, I’m sure you’ve heard some of the following statements from your agency or TV rep


You need to commit to a quarterly or annual contract to get good rates

You're not getting calls because you're not spending enough money

Your commercials are stale, you need to spend some money on new ones

Daytime is full, you need to spend more money and advertise in primetime

We are currently helping lawyers in small, medium and major US markets and We can help you too. If you’re tired of excuses and want results, call us today.  

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Each Month We Deliver Thousands Of Leads To Personal Injury Lawyers Across The United States


Our Guarantee To You

If a TV Commercial airs and doesn’t produce a call, then you owe us nothing.  We risk our own money on TV schedules and only purchase networks and programs that work.


Performance Driven Advertising

True Performance Driven Advertising!  You Only pay for the legal calls you receive.  We credit any hangups, or non legal related calls.

Why Our System Works

” We Purchase 100 Personal Injury Leads Every Month And Always Convert 20-30% To Cases!
-James Carr-

We Only Use Broadcast TV

Cable TV is very fragmented and the cost per viewer is astronomically high.  Broadcast TV delivers a bigger bang for your dollar and traditinally  delivers a low cost per viewer.

We've Revolutionized TV Advertising

we’ve made it possible for smaller firms to benefit from the power of broadcast TV. We’ve practially eliminated the risk!

Our Guarantee To You

The days of having to purchase a costly TV schedule and just hope the phone rings are long gone.  We purchase the TV schedules and you only pay for the calls you receive.

Legal Pro Media works with personal injury law firms all over the United States.  We work with large, medium and small boutique firms. Our unique system allows a firm with a small budget to benefit from the power of Broadcast TV!

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What Will Your Agency or TV Rep Say?

Call your Advertising Agency or TV Station and tell them…
“I only want to pay for the calls that you generate for my law practice”
Now, simply listen as they scramble to come up with every excuse under the sun, why it’s not possible for them to do this.


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No Contract – No Commitment – No Obligation

What Our Clients Are Saying

We started purchasing leads from Legal Pro about a year ago and the results are remarkable.  On average we convert around 25% of the leads to cases and the quality of the cases can’t be beat.
Phillip C.

Managing Partner

I have consistenly had good results with the leads from broadcast TV sevice since August of last year. I will continue to purchase.
Elizabeth T.


We have had great success with this sevice.  We particularly like the call dashboard that allows us to review all the calls.  This is also a great tool for our intake team.  Great company.
Thomas E.

Attorney At Law

Television advertisng is very competitive in my market. It’s very hard for a new firm to advertisie and compete without spending 60k or more each month.  Legal Pro Media allows us to not only advertise our services on TV but brand our firm. We have had above average response for over a year.
Mary J.


We Have Literally Eliminated The Risk Of Advertising On Local Broadcast TV For Personal Injury Lawyers

With our system any personal injury lawyer can now advertise on local broadcast TV and be successful. We Purchase the TV Schedules on Fox, CW, ABC, NBC, and CBS.  No more purchasing costly Advertising Schedules and hoping the calls come in. You only pay a modest fee for the legal calls we generate for you.
When you purchase leads from us, we guarantee you’ll receive them.  We have a 50 lead minim purchase that can normally be delivered within 2-4 weeks.  Very large or very small markets may not apply.  Our system is simple.  If we don’t deliver the leads, you don’t pay.
We have absolutely no startup costs.  No more spending thousands of dollars on TV production or lead tracking systems.  We provide a custom High Definition TV commercials that brand your law firm and we also include an easy to understand third party Tracking Dashboard with call recording included. Our system is 100% transparent.
When you purchase leads with us, there’s absolutely no commitment. We currently work with over 80 law firms in the US, some purchase leads every month while others only purchase periodically. The choice is yours.

The Safest & Easiest Way To Advertise Your Firm On Broadcast Television

 You Only Pay A Modest Fee For The Legal Leads You Receive

We will air a custom, high definition TV Commercial that we produce for free on local broadcast networks like, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC and The CW, and you only have to pay for the Legal Leads you receive.  

check-mark1 Free Custom HD TV Commercials

check-mark1 Only Local Broadcast Networks

check-mark1 You Only Pay For The Calls You Receive

check-mark1 No Commitment

What You Can Expect When Partnering With Us

Accelerated Intake Growth

Get the best cases, the best clients, and the best results you’ve ever seen in your practice.

Legal Marketing Trends

Get the best cases, the best clients, and the best results you’ve ever seen in your practice.

Legal Marketing Professionals

Get the best cases, the best clients, and the best results you’ve ever seen in your practice.

Great Marketing Experience

Get the best cases, the best clients, and the best results you’ve ever seen in your practice.

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