Why Personal Injury, Bankruptcy and Social Security Lawyers Need to Advertise on TV

Attorneys slowly started advertising on TV way back in the 70’s. Before then it was considered unethical for a practicing attorney to advertise his services on television. Since then lawyer advertising has grown with leaps and bounds. Every US television market has personal injury, bankruptcy and social security lawyers advertising plus many others. Why are all these lawyers advertising on television? The answer is really simple, because it works!

The question asked is, why do attorneys need to advertise on TV? The most logical answer would be competition. If you’re an attorney and want to represent accident victims you’ll have some tough competition getting their business. Just take a look at your local phone directory to get an idea of how many lawyers are advertising personal injury representations, its astronomical! In larger metropolitan cities personal injury lawyers can literally spend thousands per month on yellow page directory ads and still not be anywhere near the front of the listing. Is this fair? Probably not if you’re one of the lawyers on page 200 of the attorney listings but it’s probably great if you’re the lawyer who’s been advertising with the YP’s for thirty years and have a double truck ad.

So, what can personal injury, bankruptcy, and social security lawyers do to combat this problem? If you are in a small, medium or even a larger designated market area, television advertising can solve your problem. I don’t want anyone to walk away from this article thinking Television advertising is the cure-all. It’s definitely saturated and sometimes needs to be tested with various types of commercials in order to be cost efficient. Unless you have years of media negotiating experience, subscribe to Nielsen, Arbitron and a buying platform like Strata or Smartplus, I would highly suggest using a qualified lawyer advertising agency and not try to undertake this task alone. You could easily waste thousands of valuable advertising dollars by simply paying to much for the commercials and paying for commercial production that simply doesn’t pull results.

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