If you are currently handling your own marketing, we don’t have to tell you how competitive lawyer advertising is. Each year millions of dollars are being spent on television advertising by law firms just like yours. So, what can you do to set yourself apart from the vast amount of legal advertising being seen by potential clients?


The answer is to let a professional help you. We take the guesswork out of advertising while you focus on your business.




No two markets are alike; something that works in Denver may not work in Dallas. At LegalPro Media, we do a full market evaluation from qualitative to quantitative research. We provide our clients will full spending reports for their market so they can see what their competitors are spending and where they’re spending it.



After a full market evaluation has been performed, your LegalPro account manager will recommend marketing plan options. No stone is left unturned. We will advise you on which type of commercial most suits your market and will deliver the best return on investment. We will also consult with you concerning the budget required to make an impact and quickly establish you as a market leader in your field.

Media Placement:


Our experienced buyers understand lawyer advertising and know what it takes to make a campaign successful. By utilizing tools and services like Nielsen Strata, Simmons and Arbitron, our buyers relentlessly negotiate with media outlets in order to purchase advertising at the lowest possible rates. This service alone is reason enough for any lawyer to call upon the professional services of LegalPro Media.



If you’re currently purchasing your own media and are not tracking the results, you could easily be wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month. When you partner with LegalPro, every aspect of your advertising is tracked and analyzed using our Client Track Software. Client Track allows us to more efficiently analyze your advertising and quickly learn what is working and more importantly what isn’t. Simply put, Client Track makes it possible to have virtually waste free advertising.


Campaign Managment & Post Buy Analysis:


Each quarter, your assigned Media Supervisor performs a post analysis of all media buys purchased on your behalf. This is another important service other agencies often omit. When we negotiate a media buy we expect it to perform. If we purchase a time period on television that is suppose to reach 1000 people, and it only reaches 600, we demand the difference. This is referred to as “under-delivery” and translates to a credit for our client. Our three step media audit process often saves our clients hundreds of dollars each month due to TV station traffic errors and various other issues that often go unnoticed by lawyers and most agencies. We deliver what we promise, no excuses.