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Anytime I talk with a lawyer that handles their own marketing one of the first things I like to ask is, how do you track your TV advertising?

The most popular answer I get is, ” I have my receptionist ask the caller where they heard about my law firm.”

I can’t argue that asking that question is always good practice but, it can often be very inaccurate and not a very dependable way to determine which media is delivering results and where you want to spend your advertising dollars.


If you are purchasing multiple TV stations it’s essential that you have some type of call tracking in place.  I’ll go over just a few.


Q: What is dynamic call tracking?


A: Dynamic call tracking is where Legal Pro Media assigns individual telephone numbers that appear in your advertising and TV commercials.  Each media outlet receives its own unique telephone number so that anytime that number is called, it is associated with that media outlet.  This eliminates the guess-work in identifying where a call originated from. Dynamic call tracking numbers can also be used on billboards, and any type of print, internet or virtually any advertising medium.


First, without getting to deeply into the different type of TV campaigns that I encourage my clients to explore, I’ll cover the essential reasons why I never start a TV campaign for a personal injury lawyer with dynamic call tracking.


The first rule of thumb. Although 99% of personal injury commercials are considered DR, (direct response) that doesn’t mean that the potential client will make the phone call at the moment he or she see’s the TV commercial. It’s very common for a person to write down a number and make the call later. Sometimes days or even weeks can pass before they finally get around to calling for an appointment.


So using this synopsis let’s assume a potential client has written down your number from a commercial that aired several days ago and has just now decided to call your office.  The calls comes into your office at 10:30 AM Tuesday morning and you just so happen to have two spots scheduled to air in the TV program, The View.  The receptionist takes the call, schedules the appointment, you meet with the prospect and accept the case.


Without dynamic call tracking, it would be obvious to assume that the TV show The View would get credit for the client.  However, with dynamic call tracking you would easily be able to see the media outlet and commercial the client got your number from.

Dynamic call tracking also allows you to accurately determine which media outlet are giving you the best CPC, (Cost per Case) on your advertising investment.


Within a few moments of analyzing reports LPM can confidently make adjustments to your TV schedule that can easily mount up to thousands of dollars in savings.


If you would like to learn more about dynamic call tracking and how it can help your law firm, give me a call (423-653-2201) and I’ll be happy to explain.